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“The Garden of Maimónides”

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This collection is inspired by a truly beautiful aromatic flower found in abundance in patios and gardens in Andalusia: jasmine.

The word “jasmine” is derived from the classical Arabic word yāsamīn, which means “gift of God” and is synonymous with kindness, sincerity and sensuality.

The entire collection exudes the charm of the ancient caliphal city of Córdoba. The birthplace of the famous Jewish doctor and philosopher Maimonides, this city has a peaceful, enchanting beauty all of its own.


I put all my love into making my headpieces by hand, breathing life into the flowers, petal by petal. As a result, each jasmine flower is unique, different… truly authentic. It is delicate, painstaking work, but my only wish is to offer you highly original, eye-catching pieces that are full of light.